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A successful gaming site can't run without proper administration. Our administrative panel allows us to do the following with ease:

Manage Player Accounts
Through the Admin Panel, player searches are quick. Membership details, transaction histories, and playing histories are easily accessible. It is also easy to perform necessary administrative functions — such as modifying chat options, suspending players, and banning players.

Manage Games
Automated table and tournament generation can be toggled network-wide or for specific game types. For ring games, we can add or remove new stakes levels, provide tables of the same type with multiple turn times, and more. Our tournament admin options allow us to offer a wide range of tournaments to our players.

Generate Informative Reports
The Admin Panel provides a full spectrum of automatically generated core reports as the ability to add customized reports to suit management's needs. Permission options can also be set to limit report distribution.

Accommodate A Diverse Player Base
Our platform is capable of running real-money games in multiple currencies as well as point-based games. We can also incorporate multiple languages and localized content. This flexibility allows us to adapt our business model for various markets to reach the largest player base possible.

Manage Advertising
In order to generate revenue from non-real money tables, the system allows for the serving of advertising in multiple formats — text-based, display and video ads. Ads can be served in multiple zones — the lobby, on game windows, in tournament lobbies, and at game tables. Our admin panel allows for designation of ad zones and control of ad cycling within these zones. Advertising allows for player interaction without interrupting game play.

Create Graphical Themes
Our technology allows us the flexibility to change the positioning and content of every graphical element in our gaming environments. We can update graphics as needed and provide custom graphical themes for our players to select from. We also have the option to create white-label versions of the software target niche markets.