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The director of our development team has extensive online poker-playing experience. His expertise has helped shape the flagship offering of our gaming platform into a substantial one. Here's just some of what our poker software offers:

Customizable Betting Buttons
Alongside traditional betting options, players can designate up to five game-specific bet size buttons. These buttons are applied to each game table and allow players to make their standard bets with a single mouse click. Because players tend to make bets of just a few sizes, these buttons make game play easier — especially when multi-tabling.

Custom Display Settings
Our gaming windows act independently of each other and open at the approximate industry standard of 800x600 pixels. However, players use displays that vary widely in resolution, and even two players with identical screen set-ups may have different game window preferences. Therefore, our software features resizable tables and allows users to set custom display configurations that remember desired table sizes and positions.

Player Notes
We offer an expanded player's notes section for increased playability. Players can customize and assign color-coded symbols for any opponent, allowing for quick reference to player types. Notices automatically appear next to a player's name to indicate an existing note. More detailed descriptions of opponent play can be saved and stored for future reference.

Personalized Themes & Elements
We offer customization of many aspects of our poker tables. Players can select from predesigned themes or personalize individual elements including background, cards, table color, seating, and the appearance and position of action buttons.

Multilingual Quick Chat
Poker is played throughout the world. Our Quick Chat feature allows communication between players who speak different languages. Once players choose a stock phrase from the dropdown menu, their message is broadcast instantly in the appropriate languages.

Game Statistics
We offer our players lots of relevant stats regarding their game play, such as: information concerning number of hands won, percentage of hands that make it to showdown, percentage of showdowns won, and percentage of times a player makes it to the second betting round.

Game Histories
Players need the ability to see what happened at a given table. Our graphical game histories allow players efficient access to action they missed. Students of the game can also revisit situations to improve their play.