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Our platform isn't just modular when it comes to offering different poker variants. It also supports non-poker games. Poker is currently our main focus, but we feel that excellent opportunities exist in other skill game offerings, including:

Backgammon has a history that goes back several centuries. The Change Gaming platform brings backgammon into the 21st century with sleek graphics and easy controls. Other aspects of our backgammon offering include:
  • bullet-point Cash games, matches, and tournaments
  • bullet-point Common rules variations (doubling cube, beavers, raccoons, Jacoby rule, and Crawford Rule)
  • bullet-point Chouette (multiplayer)
A longtime staple of Asian culture, mahjong is gaining popularity worldwide. At the highest echelons, the World Series of Mahjong, a $5,000 buy-in mahjong tournament, has burst onto the scene. People everywhere are buying mahjong sets and playing at home with their friends. Yet, very few places exist where people can play mahjong online. The Change Gaming Platform features many variants of mahjong, allowing us to break into a fresh gaming demographic:

  • bullet-point Cantonese
  • bullet-point Chinese
  • bullet-point European
  • bullet-point Riichi
Rummy is one of the most popular classes of non-poker games. In fact, poker legend Stu Ungar had his beginnings playing gin rummy. We are currently adding rummy to our platform, with the following variants:

  • bullet-point Rummy
  • bullet-point Gin
  • bullet-point Oklahoma
  • bullet-point Kalooki 40
  • bullet-point Kalooki 51