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The code base of our gaming system was handspun by our programming team using ISO 19501 specifications that span over 6,000 requirements. Our programming team has never used third-party frameworks to construct any part of the platform, except where needed to interact with best-in-class database (Oracle, MySQL) and payment solutions.

Our network servers are clustered using innovative open-source clustering technology that delivers flexibility and remarkable efficiency. This Linux-based clustering tool kit and environment has received extensive funding from the National Science Foundation and offers effective solutions for managing exponential data needs through the easy integration of heterogeneous, commodity-based processors. The system also provides transparent cutover in the event of hardware failure. The database is replicated across multiple servers allowing for high performance, real-time redundancy, and secure, offsite, live backup.

The scalable nature of our platform allows it to remain available and responsive throughout load increases, hardware failures, and traffic spikes. All gaming services are hosted in a private, secure, and fully-regulated data facility. The platform is monitored 24 hours per day, 365 days per year by highly-qualified technical support staff.

All information passed between clients and the server uses our proprietary communication protocol and is encrypted using 1024-bit encryption. All clients are authenticated before being allowed access to services on the platform. All sensitive information is backed-up and stored in an offsite secure data center that is under constant physical security. This ensures that the privacy and integrity of all customer data remains secure and confidential.

The platform will be fully licensed, regulated and audited, and our administrative services enable independent third party verification. The platform incorporates sophisticated anti-fraud and anti-cheating measures which automatically generate detailed reports for management to review. Fairness of our games is also ensured by state-of-the-art random number generators, which will be audited both in-house and by an industry-respected third-party technology auditor. To verify that our games are not offered for play in prohibited areas, the platform also incorporates geo-location detection.

Our software is available as a downloadable executable that runs on Linux, Windows, and Macintosh operating systems. A Flash-based version requiring no download is also available.